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Music Videos

Director/Editor/Dp 2014 A Luv You Got It

Director/Editor/Dp 2013 A Luv Shawty and Remix

Director/Editor/Dp 2012 A Luv Watch Me

Director/Editor/Dp 2012 Tommy B The Introduction

Director/Editor/Dp 2011 Donald Howell/ Director/Editor/Dp2011/ A Luv /Director/Editor/Dp 2011/ Coldwater Canyon Band/ Director/Editor/Dp/ 2010/ Coldwater Canyon Band/ Director/Editor/Dp 2009 Sean Kristopher / Music Video2008 / Douye / Music Video Flyaway / Santa Monica / Director/Editor/Dp 2008 / Impromp2 Editor/ Hollywood 2008 / Culture Shock / Technical Director / Editor / Hollywood 2008 / Tony V. Myspace blog/ Director / Editor / Dp / Hollywood 2008 / Tony V. Epk / Director / Editor / Dp / Hollywood 2007 /Jimmy Ruffin-Epk-Director / Editor/ Dp / Hollywood 2007 /Donte Group/Dvd Authoring Los Angeles 2007 / Bob Akel Documentary/ Director/Dp/San Diego 2007/ Tess's Funny Honeys/ Editor/Camera /Cuba 2007/ Mother Mary / Editor / Camera / Los Angeles 2007/ Sean Kristopher commercial/ Editor/ Los Angeles List of some of the Music Video Credits 2007 Dp/Camera Impromp2 Queen Los Angeles Directed by: Mykelti Williamson 2005 Director/Dp/Camera Drastic Wit Dem Thugs Compton 2004 Director/Dp/Camera Willie Ringo Bellz Up Da Blok San Diego 2002 Director/Dp/Camera Big Logic Hide Ha Los Angeles 1999 Director/Dp/Camera Watts Town Criminals in the Watts 1998 Director/Dp/Camera 5ft Giant/Flesh N Bone Don't Shoot Me Los Angeles 1998 Director/Dp/Camera Gold Let's Go Baby Los Angeles 1997 Director Passion (Bet) Gigolos Get Lonely Too Los Angeles 1997 Director/Dp/Camera Sic California Game Palo Alto 1997 Director/Dp/Camera Dubee (Bet) My Thang Vallejo Ca. 1997 Director/Dp/Camera Low Bottom Murder (remix) Los Angeles 1996 Dp/Camera Psycho (Box) Got Rhymes Los Angeles 1996 Director/Dp/Camera Young Dre (Bet) Money Las Vegas 1996 Director/Dp/Camera Raw Ice (Bet) Pyramids To Projects Cleveland 1995 Director/Dp/Camera Low Bottom Murder in the first Los Angeles 1995 Director/Dp/Camera MB & Young Gunz Paper Chase Los Angeles 1995 Director/Dp/Camera Incidents (Bet, Box) West Coast Santa Anna 1995 Director/Dp/Camera Raw Ice (Bet, Box) Ain't No Pressure Cleveland 1995 Director/Dp/Camera Finesse Since U had 2 play Sacramento 1995 Director/Dp/Camera Amir Playin The Odds Los Angeles 1995 Director/Dp/Camera Mr. X (Bet) Any Ole Sunday Los Angeles 1994 Director/Dp/Camera Club Nouveau (Bet) Ghetto Swang Sacramento

Infomercials / commercials 2006 Director Sam Bell Fitness Infomercial Los Angeles 2006 Director of Photography / Editor Scotland Yard Investigations / Commercial Los Angeles 2001 Director of Photography Boys Club of America / Commercial Seattle /1997 Director Sic Insane Criminals Palo Alto/

Commercial Palo Alto 1996 Director Raw Ice / Commercial Cleveland Films 2005 Director of Photography Urban Demographic Feature Los Angeles 2005 Director and Co Writer , Editor Baby's Momma Drama Feature Los Angeles 2001 Co-Editor AKA Girl Short Los Angeles 1998 Director and Co Writer, Editor Hollywood Casting Television Los Angeles 1996 Director of Photography Funky Fridays Feature Los Angeles 1994 Director of Photography The Quinns Feature Los Angeles 1990 Director / Dp/ Editor For The Love of Money Feature Seattle / Los Angeles Garfield High School, Seattle Washington, Seattle Community College .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Feature Films: Baby’s Momma Drama 2005, The Vigilante 2010 / Directed, Writer,  My Summer Friend 2010 DP, Editor, Directed by Antwone Fisher, Starring Mykelti Williamson and Annie Abbott, Baby's Momma Drama 2005 Directed, Co-writer, Editor, Dp, Spirit of the Ouija 1997, Director, Editor, Dp, For the love of Money 1990 Directed Editor,Dp

Dp: Urban Demographic 2005. Funky Fridays 1994

The Vigilante (Director)
Somebody’s Abusing Kids, What are you going to do about it?
“Joe Estevez”

Douglas T. Green

A Luv -Remix “Shawty”
A Luv - Shawty

TOMMY B - The Introduction

A LUV - Watch Me



DIVE BOMBER - Creatures

FILM TRAILER - All That Glitters Is Not Gold



JOURMEY SHANK (9 years old) Nike Commercial

IMPROMP2 - Your 

           Director Dp Editor Writer
        Film and Video Productions
“Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win”

Baby’s Momma Drama (Director)

10 Years 3 kids and you are

not the father. What do you


My Summer Friend

Director: Antwone Fisher

Producer: Mykelti Williamson

Kitchen Smasher Tv Show. (Director) Let George show you how to slim down, eat, exercise and live better.


The Spear of Destiny (feature)

A Luv (music video) 3 completed

Kitchen Smasher Tv Show, completed

Caryna (book) completed

Lil Seatris, A Child of the Ghetto (book) completed

Outta Pocket (feature)

All That Glitters is not Gold (feature)

          A Luv “You Got It”